Psychotherapy & 

Community Resource Management


Population I work with:

I work with children as young as 4 years old all the way up to adults who are seniors.   I work with families or individuals.   As a hearing person who graduated from Gallaudet University ( I am also fluent in Sign Language (Signed English and American Sign Language) and well versed in the specific cultural considerations of the Deaf Culture and/or families or individuals who may struggle with problems related to hearing loss.   

I work with people who are hearing or people who have a hearing loss.  

Psychotherapy Techniques Used:

As a Social Worker, my theoretical foundation is built on Systems Theory, and Ego Psychology.  In addition, I have significant training and experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  During my employment and training at Johns Hopkins Hospital I also learned additional skills, including psychodynamic formulation and approach (though I am not credentialed in that area at all).   I am creative and supportive and try my best to meet the person where they are at and help build bridges towards the changes they want to see.   

I have also received advanced training and certification in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and find the skills are very applicable for most people.   I am one of currently 8 Licensed Psychotherapists who have met requirements for registration with the National DBT Certification Accreditation Association.

What to Expect When We Are Working Together:

I believe that each person and each story is incredibly unique, and the beginning of our relationship is often spent trying to carve out the unique traits and variables that make a persons river of life -so that I better can understand and help each person.   Then we build from there in the direction that the individual (or family) wants to go. I will often begin with support, but challenge along the way if I believe a person is able to reach a different perspective or approach that will help them.  

Individual Psychotherapy sessions are scheduled together as we see fit to help meet your goals.  We often meet more often in the beginning to establish a relationship and build skills or resolve problems then less often as time progresses -but then have regularly scheduled "tune up" or "Check in" sessions to make sure stability and strength is maintained.